10 Babies That Look Like Celebrities

Babies are a gift from God. They are true bundles of joy and complete cuteness. They can bring so many laughs along with them from the messes they make to their facial expressions. Below are a few babies that look just like celebrities we know.



This little guy has the Jay-z look all over him.



This handsome fella looks just like John Legend.



This little lady has the Mrs. Doubtfire look down pat.



Vladimir Putin has that one look you alway see on his face, this baby seems to have inherited that same look.



This new born showed up looking just like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.



This guy not only has the look of Wallace Shawn but he even has the hair.



This cute little double chined baby looks just like Chris Farley.



This babies features are total copies of Bill Maher’s.



This baby has grove, looking just like Elvis Presley.



This sleepy guy looks just like Kevin Malone from the TV show The Office.


Hope these baby look-alikes gave you laughter, they did for me. Have a blessed day!

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