The Cast of “Grease” Then and Now

Its been almost 40 years since Grease hit theaters and became one of the greatest movies musicals of all time. Lets take a look at the cast then and now!


1. John Travolta – Danny

Travolta has been insanely busy in the movie industry and he is still a very handsome man.


2. Olivia Newton – Sandy

Olivia was pretty well known when she stared in Grease. Since then her musical career has blossomed.


3. Stockard Channing – Rizzo

Stockard has been busy since her days as Queen of the Pink Ladies. Her most recent work as been on The Good Wife as Veronica Loy.


4. Barry Pearl – Doody

Barry Pearl’s career didn’t take off like his other co-stars. He did, however, find some success in children’s theater and as a television actor.


5. Michael Tucci – Sonny

After playing on Grease Michael found a lot of work on TV. In 2001 he played Dr. Bay in the film Blow with Johnny Depp.


6. Kelly Ward – Putzie

In 2015 Ward went back in front of the camera since 1986. He may not have been in front of the camera but he was definite behind them, beginning as a story editor and working his way up to dialogue director.


7. Didi Conn – Frenchy

Didi continued her acting career after Grease. Her most notable roles are Denise Stevens Downey in Benson and Stacy Jones in Shining Time Station.


8. Jamie Donnelly -Jan

Jan or Jamie is still just doing her thing. After Grease her biggest roles were from Can’t Hardly Wait and Cyrus.


9. Dinah Manoff – Marty

After her role in Grease, Dinah won her first Tony award playing in I Ought To Be In Pictures as Libby Tucker. Her best known work is as Carol Weston in Empty Nest.


10. Susan Backer – Patty Simcox

Soon after Grease, Susan was a guest star on the shows The Love Boat and When the Whistle Blows. Her last acting credit was in horror film Deadly Blessing in 1981.


Grease remains a great musical, it is nice to see how the lives of these actors came to be due to the success of this classic.

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