“Little People” Matt And Amy Roloff Share Major News Concerning Their Only Daughter

Weddings are truly a magical time. The joyous occasion were two souls vow to love and take care of each other is truly amazing to witness. The union of two families, cultures and the promise of a wonderful, new life there on. A blessed and happy marriage is a gift of God, one that needs to be cherished and cared for.

When a daughter gets married, it is the greatest, most joyous moment in her parents’ lives. Seeing their little girl grow up into the woman standing at the altar, exchanging vows with her fiancé will definitely be on among their precious memories of her. Parents have a hard time believing that their little one is now a grown-up and on the verge of starting a new family herself. While a daughter’s marriage is a happy time, it is sure to bring out a lot of memories and those old photographs of her. Right from the time when she was a baby to the time when she first walked, talked, went to school, graduated college to this precious moment. All these emotions were what Amy and Matt Roloff experienced at their only daughter Molly’s wedding.

All of you must be familiar with the American reality television series ‘Little people, big world’. The show revolves around the life of the Roloff family in Oregon. The family consists of the parents, Matt and Amy Roloff and their four children. The eldest of the four children are twin boys Jeremy and Zach, then there is Molly and then Jacob. Molly is the only daughter among three boys. During the show, fans were always curious about Molly since she always tried to stay away from the camera. This elicited a lot of interest from people who watched the show.

You can imagine how excited fans must have been when they heard that the Roloff family was about to announce some big news about their only daughter. They wanted to know every tiny detail about the big announcement and indeed, the Roloff family made sure to share how they felt about it and shared every beautiful detail. Matt and Amy Roloff were absolutely thrilled to announce to their fans that their only daughter had fallen in love and in fact, gotten married recently.

It so happens that Molly and the man of her dreams, Joel Silvius were both very private people. They tried to stay away from the spotlight and took to just sharing a few posts about their engagement on social media. The wedding itself was a small, intimate affair and was held on the Roloff family’s pumpkin farm in Oregon. The intricate ceremony took place on a beautiful site selected by Molly on the farm. You will be surprised to know that the guests even included goats from the farm! Both Matt and Amy watched their daughter’s wedding with tender hearts and moist eyes. Amy was sentimental right from the start to the end of the ceremony. She described a feeling of utter joy as she watched her only baby girl getting married. Matt and Amy have welcomed Joel with open arms into their family and call it a blessing and an honor to know him.

The wedding day was beautiful and sunny, a perfect day to get married, a perfect day to exchange vows. Amy walked towards Joel, a vision in her wedding gown as he stood waiting for her to join him, his face reflecting the happiness he felt inside him. The couple danced to “You are the best thing”, their first dance as newlyweds. Her parents and the guests watched silently, enthralled by the serene beauty of the moment. A wedding ceremony such as this is definitely a heart-warming moment. A moment of such significance, of so many expectations all coming together.

Even as we talk of the wonderful union between a husband and wife, due to several differences, Matt and Amy were themselves divorced. But both Matt and Amy chose to forget their differences and worked together to pull off an amazing wedding for their only daughter. Matt was responsible for preparing the farm for the guests. Meanwhile Amy was in her element, taking care of arrangements for food, flowers and decorating and making room for everyone in her house.

Molly and Joel thanked everyone who was present on their special day and made the ceremony what it was. They were surrounded by all the people they loved and treasured and had the blessings of their parents. What more could they have asked for. Later on, Molly shared on Instagram, a picture of her and Joel holding hands and walking on the farm. Both looking happy and contented.

The Roloff family seems to be having some more joyful news. Matt and Amy just recently became grandparents to son Zach and wife Tori’s new baby Jackson. This is not all. Their other son, Zach’s twin Jeremy and wife Audrey are also expecting a baby daughter in September. Their fans rejoice with them on their blessings.

The show ‘Little people, big world’ was an effort to educate people about dwarfism. Amy, Matt, and Zach have dwarfism while Jeremy, Molly and Jacob do not and are of average height. The show focused on the everyday lives of the Roloff family. What initially started off as few episodes grew into six seasons with talks about the family returning for a seventh season. Amy and Matt knew that the show was one of a kind and a tremendous opportunity for them.

The show was taken on the family’s farm where they grew pumpkins and sold them. Matt and Amy have always tried to make sure that their children lead good lives especially Matt who spend most of his childhood in hospitals.

Despite the obvious challenges, the family has managed to lead their lives normally. They have given back to the society as much as possible and are involved in philanthropic activities. Talk about little people with a big heart!

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Please share this story with your friends who follow the Roloff family to let them know about this exciting news!

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