Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

Do you love to travel? God has created so many beautiful places here on this earth for us to enjoy. There are places that are well known for their beauty, like France and Italy, and then there are places that have amazing views like Ireland and Australia. Being a tourist in a new place is always fun, and each of us have our favorite activities that we like to do when we travel. However, how many of you love experiencing thrills and adventures when you travel? Here are 10 of the most amazing and dangerous tourist destinations that are not for the weak of heart!

Mount Huashan:

This beautiful mountain is located in China. It has amazing views, but climb at your own risk!

Hussaini Hanging Bridge:

This bridge in Northern Pakistan is a terrifying sight! Would you risk your life to walk across it?


What an amazing view! This spectacular sight can be seen while hiking along cliffs in Norway

The Aiguille du Midi Skywalk:

You better hold your breath if you walk out onto this glass floor on the highest mountain peak in Europe!

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls:

The views at this waterfall in South Africa are breathtaking, but don’t slip or you may never breathe again!


Would you travel to Norway and stand on this rock?! It is dangerous, but the picture might be worth it!

Volcano Villarrica:

Obviously volcanoes are dangerous, but have you ever seen one this beautiful? If you ever dare to hike up a volcano, it should be this one in Chile.

Yungas Death Road, Bolivia:

This road is only for skilled drivers! Trust me, you do not want to be one of the hundreds of people who die every year on this road in Bolivia.

Pitching a tent on the side of a 4,000ft cliff face:

Want to take camping to the next level? Try spending the night in one of these tents hung on the side of a mountain!

El Caminito Del Rey:

Last but not least is this terrifying cliff! With it’s steep edges and crumbling rocks you are sure to have trouble making it to the top!

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Would you travel to any of these places? Share this story and ask your friends if they would join you!

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