15-Month-Old Girl Has Hilarious Argument With Father

Father- daughter interactions are special, more so when the daughter is an infant. Lola here wants to disagree with her dad, and she stands her ground. The stand-off was recorded by the child’s mother who cannot seem to contain her laughter.

The argument starts with Lola standing on the TV, simply because she can, not like any one who can stop her. So dad lays down the law with her, demanding she get off the table right away.


Lola is in no mood to go down without a fight, so she begins one of the most impassioned debates of her life. Dad also plays along, going in for a few solid rebuttals. Lola eventually runs out of counters, so she gives up, but refuses to move from the table. Dad is then forced to take affirmative action and carries the child off the table! All of this takes place as mother films it and laughs the whole way through.

Many are amused by the interaction and it is sure to bring a smile on your face as well. It goes to show how children can also make valid arguments and use their wits to get their point of view across! That is one of the best ways to teach and train children, to talk and make sure they are heard.

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Hi Kind Friend,

1. Children are busy!

2. Children spend their early years learning everything they can!

3. God entrusts his children to us – and it’s a big responsibility.

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD