Children Gather Together On Beach And Perform Amazing Tribute That Will Touch Your Heart

There are few things in life that can be considered more powerful than music. Bringing with it the ability to set moods, make people feel emotions and convey powerful messages within a few minutes, music has much to offer. Perhaps it is because of this power that music has been a powerful tool in communication through much of history. Religious history especially, is not complete without music. Hundreds of hymns and devotional songs have been written that serve to create a bridge that links together God and the faithful. Music is central to the idea of Faith, and religious gatherings often see the use of music. Almost every Church has their own Choir as well, and religious music has taken on a life of its own. Devotional songs, songs describing the life and times, the great deeds, the promises of God have all been scribed over time. A phenomena that takes place all across the world, it can be safely said that the world is linked through music.

Music is undoubtedly powerful, but not everyone truly appreciates the extent of that power until they come across a performance that changes their perspective. Such a revelation is bound to happen at some point during your lifetime, and for many people across the world, that time had come. When the One Voice Children’s Choir stepped onto the sands of Omaha Beach to perform ‘When you Believe’, they gave a breakthrough performance that touched hearts all over the world.

There are many different kinds of music in the world. The kind most people are exposed to on a daily basis are popular songs that are replayed across music stations for a period of time. Most Pop music is not written about important events, but rather smaller and personal stories that the artist can derive inspiration from. A lot of what the Pop industry has to offer are love songs, and just sometimes, these songs can also be sung out of context to change the underlying context from romance to devotion. Music personalities also tend to promote a certain image. The idea of the famous rock star, living a life of drugs and rock and roll was once very highly promoted. Musicians today still envision having that life if they want to think of themselves as successful in their field. The kind of music and celebrities people are exposed to are those that can catch their attention. With the rapid development of technology, it has now become harder and harder to retain the attention of a consumer. At this juncture, what becomes relevant is what is promoted by big production companies. That is exactly why the whole world was surprised when a small choir group of young boys and girls were able to catch so much media attention after just one performance.

The One Voice Children’s Choir did not step on the sands of Omaha beach, Normandy that day to simply sing a song. They went there to perform. Performing in France, they had a motivation behind what inspired them to go ahead with the performance. They wanted to pay tribute to the many soldiers who had fought bravely in, and even lost their lives during the trials and tribulations of the Second World War. Highlighting an important recent memory at a time when global geopolitics are not completely stable, they remind the world of the horrors of war and the atrocities that can be conducted in its name. Not only did they perform to pay their respects to the soldiers, but also to the thousands of Jews who faced ostracism and death in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The children learnt the song in three languages – English, French and Hebrew. In this way they were sure to include all the relevant cultures that spoke to them for the event. Coming from small children, it is easy to expect that the final outcome was more enthusiasm than music. But these children took their roles seriously, and when they finally performed, the results were spectacular. They even came dresses for the occasion. While the girls all matched in beautiful white dresses, the boys came wearing blue suits and a striped tie. The one color common to everyone came in the form of pops of yellow that adorned everyone’s clothes. The yellow color was significant, and it was selected since it symbolized hope, happiness and honor.

The children’s voices were ethereal. And when the started singing the words “Although we know there’s much to fear, we were moving mountains long before we knew we could. There can be miracles when you believe”, their performance took on a powerful feeling. They were not singing about the experiences of the individual, but rather an experience that was both lived through and witnessed by thousands of people all across the world. By standing in solidarity with the soldiers, Jews and those who suffered because of the Second World War, the act of war is condemned. But what is truly beautiful is the manner in which this condemnation takes place. No loud voices are heard, no academic opinions provided. The performance is not one that will be shown in any theatres or played in any of the major performance venues across the world. It is a simple concept that utilizes the power of children to spread an important message. The location chosen is specifically picked to match the theme of the event, and the whole occasion remains formal yet innocent, soft yet electrifying. What makes the performance even more powerful is that it is children, a universal symbol for hope and innocence that are performing it. No wonder this event touched hearts worldwide, brought tears to many eyes, and most importantly, reminded thousands of people that war can never trump peace. Spreading hope, music and reminding the world of important historical truths, the One Voice Children’s Choir gave a performance people are not likely to forget any time soon.

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